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Tres Colori RewardsUpdated 4 months ago

What are Tres Colori Rewards?

  • Tres Colori Rewards is our loyalty program that gives you access to exclusive products and discounts! This is complimentary and allows you to earn points every time you shop on, connect with us on social media, and much more. 

How do I become a rewards member?

  • When you create an account on, you will see an option to “Opt-In” for Tres Colori Rewards. Once you opt-in, you can start earning rewards. As a welcome gift, when you sign up for rewards, you will see 50 points added to your account for joining.

Do my points expire?

  • Fortunately, as a Tres Colori rewards member, your points NEVER expire. 

How do I check my point balance?

  • Log in to your account and go to the Tres Colori Rewards page. 

How do I earn points?

  •  You can earn points after you sign up for rewards by opting in on your account page. After that, points can be earned with each purchase, sharing, and following us on social media. Don't forget to let us know your birthday so we can send you a special birthday reward! 

How do I use points to redeem rewards?

  • Points will be available to redeem at checkout. Once you have 100 or more points earned, you can redeem points at the current points redemption rate: 100 points = $5.00 

Can I redeem my points for money off and also use a discount code?

  • Yes! You can use your Tres Colori Rewards points towards any purchase while combining our current discount code and other gift cards.

Can I send some of my points to a friend?

  • Points are non-transferable; they cannot be exchanged, sold, or returned. 

What happens to the points earned on a purchase when I return the items?

  • When items are returned, the points earned from that purchase will be left in your account. This is because our returns are only issued through gift cards and exchanges.

What happens if I use points to make purchases and then return items?

  • Points will not be reimbursed. However, your gift card credit will reflect the total amount spent per item; therefore, the points you used towards the purchase will be reimbursed with the gift card for your return. 

What purchases are eligible for rewards?

  • All orders are eligible to receive reward points! New rewards members can receive points on purchases made once joining Tres Colori Rewards. Prior-made purchases are not eligible. 

Is there a limit to the number of rewards I can earn?

There's no limit to the number of rewards you can earn, but there are limitations on how you can earn them.

  • Purchases: No Limit
  • Product Reviews: The review must be on a product you've purchased and received. Limit 1 (one) review per product.  
  • Sign Up Bonus: Once per account.
  • Follow Social Accounts: Once per account (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)
  • Social Post Shares: Tres Colori will provide various opportunities and promotions throughout the year to reward members for sharing new posts and earning points. 
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